Our Mission

Interfaith Hospitality Network is devoted to providing resources and temporary shelter for the homeless in crisis by partnering with congregations and the community.

Who is served by IHN

Current eligible guests are single women and those family units consisting of a single parent or two parent family with one or more children.

In 2018, IHN was proud to serve 109 guests, with 20 guests served per night on average.

How do we serve?

Guests that are homeless enter the program for a 30 day period. Every 30 days they receive a review, and as long as they are making progress in obtaining employment and/or secure housing, they may submit a written request to extend their stay. 

The key requirement is for us to see our guests working on the root of the problem that brought them to IHN in the first place.


We give thanks to our dedicated staff who work tirelessly with our guests and volunteers. 

  • Mindy Morehead

    Executive Director

  • Jon Andrews

    Site Supervisor

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Daisy Gaspar

    House Parent

  • Brian Snyder

    House Parent

IHN Board Members

Tony Brinson - Ray Collins - Craig Detweiler - Delores Greenawalt - Steve Hochstetler Shirk - Marcy Kisseberth - Tim Lichti - Cory Martin - 

Joe Miller - Mindy Morehead - Jan Oostland - Pat Robbins - 

Jonathon Snyder - Loraine Troyer